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Meet Norway's largest bird of prey up close!

Join us and experience the majestic white-tailed eagle in its element! With an experienced guide who possesses good local knowledge, you will be escorted by boat to meet several white-tailed eagle families.

Through several years of work to establish trust and form a good relationship with these amazing birds, we will have the opportunity to explore the eagles from a few meters distance.

This is an experience for everyone who wants a memory for life! Feel free to bring your family – you all will undoubtedly have something to talk about when you come ashore.

Prices (in NOK):

1-3 people: 3000

4-6 people: 5000

7-10 people: 6500

all prices apply per trip and include VAT.

We are currently making changes in our online booking system. To book a tour, contact us by e-mail: or by telephone: +47 913 58 465

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